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From Novice to Pro!

Max Efficiency

Step by Step Progression Guide

Make insane progress. GUARANTEED.

2024 Version


1000+ accounts improved by following the most effective guide ever designed. The Max Efficiency Progression Guide was made to optimize your gameplay by helping you:







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Advance tips and tricks from top tier players!

level 100 max.png

Unlock ALL in game rewards and Level Up fast!

Build OP Teams to clear content without Nat 5 monsters!

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Players in Early - Mid game who feel stuck and want progress fast!

Dear Summoner

If you want to start making insane progress in Summoners War...

and build an account that everyone wishes they had...

Then this guide is going to change your gameplay forever.

Here’s why:

I’m Eddie, and 7 short years ago, my guild mates, Jackson, Kim, and I were stuck in the lower ranks, struggling to make any progress.

But every day, we grinded tirelessly, studying strategies, and refining our team compositions.

We did this relentlessly for months on end.

Over time, we created a strategy that skyrocketed our progress.

We realized we could take what worked about that strategy and apply it to any account.

So that’s what we did, again and again.

Until we reached the top ranks and became known in the Summoners War community.

results chart sw.jpg

We became so confident, we started telling players we could get them to end game on their account or they didn’t pay.

And it worked every time.

So we wondered whether the same strategy would work for someone brand new to Summoners War.

Enter Conner.

With a 3 day old account, Conner wanted to excel in Summoners War but didn’t even know where to start.

We gave him the complete strategy.

Within a month, he had an elite team and was winning battles consistently.



Struggled with consistent
dungeon runs


Getting SSS scores and clearing all content

So we packaged everything we taught him into the Max Efficiency Progression Guide.

and made it affordable enough for anyone looking to succeed in the game.

And the results were the exact same for our students.

"I went from struggling in mid-tier dungeons to clearing high-tier raids effortlessly!!" - Daniel

"My rank jumped from C3 to G1! I couldn't believe it!"

It felt too good to be true, but it was years of hard work boiled down into the simplest, most easy-to-understand format possible.

And now, it’s all yours.

So here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The secret to dominating battles (effective team comps)

  • How to create an unstoppable team without over powered Nat 5's

  • How to quickly and efficiently farm runes and materials

  • Tips to maximize your progress and climb the ranks (from beginner to pro)

  • How to become a powerful guild member and turn into a force to be reckoned with

Ready to transform your Summoners War experience? Let’s get started!

Earn $399.92 Worth of Rewards Each Month!

step 3 icon.jpg

Rewards from

  • All Attribute Scrolls: 1

  • Legendary Scrolls: 1

  • Light & Dark Scrolls: 2

  • Devilmons: 2

  • Mystical Scrolls: 6

  • Engraved Pieces: 160

  • 5* Rainbowmons: 2

  • 4* Rainbowmons: 2

  • Crystals: 1,400

  • Mana: 1,093,500

  • Energy: 100

toa rewards v2.jpg
step 4 icon.jpg

Crafting from
Rift of Worlds

  • Legendary Magic Boxes: 8

  • Legendary Scrolls: 1

  • Legendary Pieces: 10

  • Wind Scrolls: 1

  • Water Scrolls: 1

  • Mystical Scrolls: 2

  • Grinds & Enchants: 11

  • Crystals: 125

  • Mana: 850,000

  • Reappraisal Stones: 12

rift rewards v2.jpg
guilde siege map.jpg

Rewards from
Guild Content

  • 5* Rainbowmons : 4

  • Legendary Rune Box: 4

  • Crystals: 1,108

  • Engraved Pieces: 1,1448

guild rewards.jpg
area summoners war.jpg

Rewards from Arena

  • Devilmons: 4

  • Crystals: 1,200

arena rewards.jpg

Each month, we are able to farm rewards equivalent to over four $99.98 in-game packs, totaling a value of $399.92, and this doesn't even include additional rewards from events and login bonuses.


In comparison, the average player falls far short, missing out on more than $199.96 worth of valuable items and resources. It's time to step up your game and unlock the secrets that many top players have successfully utilized to reach their current positions of success.


This guide was designed by guardian and legend players and back by SW-Database, the top ranked Online Summoners War Wiki source along with statistics from tens of thousands of players all around the world! This will maximize your resources and give you the fastest direction from start to finish. You will make significant progress within 30 days guaranteed!

Check Out What Other Players Have Said About Our Guides…

The best thing about offering you a guide with a site that's been around for years (and updated every year), is that we’ve had well over 1,000 people testing our strategies, and so many have become top notch players. Here are some of our favorite stories…


Able to clear all content.

Zaiross SW.png


  • Could only reliably beat B10 Dungeons

  • Could only get A+ in Rift and R5

  • Fighter 3 in Arena 

  • Guild Win rate 4/10


  • Completed all Dungeons with 100% Success Rate

  • SSS on all Rift and R5

  • G1 in Arena

  • Top contributor in Guild Content

I thought I had a good idea of how to play the game but was getting really frustrated since I was confused and didn't know what to work on. The Max Efficiency Guide really helped me to focus and taught me exactly what I needed to do next. There were so many things I was missing each month! I can't imagine how long it would have taken me without this guide. It's the best! 

- Liam - Los Angels, California


Able to clear all content.

Nana SW.png


  • Could only reliably beat B9 Dungeons

  • Could only get B in Rift and R5

  • Fighter 1 in Arena 

  • Guild Win rate 2/10


  • Completed all Dungeons with 100% Success Rate

  • SSS on all Rift and R5

  • C3 in Arena

  • Top 10% Contribution in Guild Content

A buddy of mine introduced me to the game. I'm a big Pokemon fan and love gacha style games. I thought I knew my stuff but man was I wrong. I was so lost! There's so much to this game, but the Max Efficiency Guide made it so easy to understand. I made significant progress and was even able to catch up to my friend. Lol not sure if he was happy about that. Seriously, get these guides. They really work!

- William - Columbus, Ohio


Able to clear all content.

Rica SW.png


  • Could only reliably beat B7 Dungeons

  • Could only get B in Rift and R5

  • Fighter 1 in Arena 

  • Guild Win rate 1/10


  • Completed all Dungeons with 100% Success Rate

  • SSS on all Rift and R5

  • C3 in Arena

  • Top 20% Contribution in Guild Content

My boyfriend and I started this game together. I pulled my favorite girl Rica! She's so cute! I'm glad I got these guides because it allowed me to give her justice and make her shine. My boyfriend was surprised how quickly I caught on. These guides did the trick! Easy to understand, straight forward, and flexible depending on what you pull. Just gotta say, I'm impressed so far! 

- Alyssa - Sydney, Australia


Tons of players blame luck with bad rune drops, summons or not buying enough "Pay to Win" packs as to why they aren't making much progress. 


Here's the real truth: 

  • They don't know how to efficiently prioritize which monsters to work on along with which content.

  • They have no idea about team builds or turn orders to successful complete runs. 

  • They waste valuable resources because they don't have any idea what to use the resources for. 

We have proven that knowledgeable players can still beat ones that spend $1,000's of dollars in game. Spending tons of money in the game without knowing what to do is like blowing money on a fast car without knowing how to drive. 

This guide not only provides you with a more affordable option, but also makes it really rewarding as you progress faster than all your friends who have dumped a lot of money into the game. 

What's in the Guide?

blank monitors.jpg

Make tremendous progress with our Step-by-step Guide so that you'll never miss out on all the rewards and opportunities in the game!

beginners guide graphic v3.jpg

Beginners Guide

The following guide provides a comprehensive overview of Summoners War tips and tricks that has spanned across 7 years of gameplay. The information contained within is invaluable for beginners, as it covers many mistakes that veteran players wish they had avoid during their early stages of the game.

By following this guide, beginners can avoid numerous pitfalls such as mistakenly feeding important monsters, leveling the wrong glory towers, and missing out on valuable rewards that they may not have even known existed.

Step-By-Step Progression

This guide offers detailed, step-by-step instructions to optimize your progression through all stages of Summoners War, from the beginning of the game to constructing speedy teams for all PvE content.

Regardless of your account's current stage (whether early, mid, or late game), this section provides valuable information that can significantly enhance your PvE progression speed.

progression guide graphic.jpg
resources graphics v2.jpg

Resource Management

This guide provides the most efficient farming and progression methods, as well as valuable insights on how to differentiate between runes that should be kept and those that should be sold.


Included in this section is information on how to avoid wasting valuable resources such as devilmons, rainbowmons, crystals, mana, energy, and more.

Trial of Ascension (ToA) & Rift of Worlds

We have spent countless hours developing over 70 high-tier teams for both ToA and Rift Raid, which we have ranked based on their performance, reliability, and speed.


With our comprehensive tier list, you can quickly identify the best possible team to build based on the monsters you have available. Additionally, it will highlight any essential monsters that you may be missing in order to build an even stronger team.

toa and r5 v3.jpg

What to Expect After Joining

Below is our promise of why the Max Efficiency Progression Guide is the Best.

10X Faster Progress

Make insane progress compared to someone who doesn't have access to this membership. You'll be equipped to take on players even if they spent more money than you. 

Get the Best Rewards

Use our proven methods to gain more legendary scrolls, devilmons, crystals, and mana. 

Always Know What to Do

You'll never feel stuck or confused again. Our membership allows you to know what to do every step of the way. 

Catch Up and Surpass Your Friends

Nothing feels better than catching up to a friend who's been playing for months or even years. Don't worry about falling behind because you'll be competing with them in no time!

No Subscription

We hate subscriptions and most of our communities think the same. You get the membership for life and access to valuable resources.

2nd awaken poster v2.jpg

Dimensional Hole (2A Guide)

This area of content is extremely challenging for new plays who are unfamiliar with team builds and all the restrictions. 

In this guide, we'll show you all the possible teams to carry you through this area and 2nd Awaken your monsters in the most efficient way possible. 

We'll even go in order which ones to do that will also make it easier to awaken others while still helping you through progression all in our easy to follow step-by-step 2nd Awaken Guide. 


In case you are hesitant about the guide. Here's what might happen if you decide to solo it.

You could end up building useless monsters and wasting tons of resources.

You could end up feeding the wrong monsters and never getting it again.

You could waste all your crystals and mana on garbage and not have any to buy or powerup what you need.

You could waste 100's of hours and even years for some players never getting to end game content.

Dude, just get these guides. Seriously! It's way better than buying all the packs and p2w crap. Lol I get enjoyment from guild when I can take on people I know spent a lot of money in game. SW-Database really helped me understand the game, and I feel gave me a competitive edge for sure. 

Odin SW.png

- Daren - New York, New York

I was really struggling with the game and didn't realize I powered up some pretty bad runes. Green ones even. Yikes! The guides helped me fixed all that and now it's a no brainer how to build and what area should I work on. Kinda wish I would have gotten this sooner, but hey better late than never!

Amber SW Icon.png

- Lizz - Hamburg, Germany

I feel like a lot of the other sites and videos teach you how to build but focus mostly on PvP and don't really cover as much detail about different parts of the game. Some are even telling you to build just down right bad monsters. I would 100% recommend these guides to anyone. It just works and easy to follow. 

fire totemist.png

- Abhisit - Bankok, Thailand


Below are details of what's included with our guides to help you decide which one is best for you. Check out our combo deal and get both for a huge discount! 


Step-by-Step Progression:  

Resource Management:  

Beginner Dungeon Teams:  

Speed Teams Giant's Keep Abyss + B10  

Speed Teams Dragon's Lair Abyss + B10:  

Speed Teams Necropolis Abyss + B10:  

Speed Teams Spiritual Realm Abyss + B10:  

Speed Teams Artifact Farming

Trial of Ascension (ToA):  

Rift of Worlds (R5):  

Secondary Awakening Teams:


Step-by-Step Progression:  

Resource Management:  

Beginner Dungeon Teams:  

Speed Teams Giant's Keep Abyss + B10:  

Speed Teams Dragon's Lair Abyss + B10:  

Speed Teams Necropolis Abyss + B10:  

Speed Teams Spiritual Realm Abyss + B10:  

Speed Teams Artifact Farming

Trial of Ascension (ToA):  

Rift of Worlds (R5):  

Secondary Awakening Teams:  

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Max Efficiency Progression Guide



Never Feel Stuck Again! Beat the Game!

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Getting Started Guide - No more FOMO!

Resource Management Guide - No more wasting valuable items!

Step-By-Step Progression Guide - Hyper Efficient Leveling!

Trial of Ascension (ToA Guide) - Get to Lvl 100 in no time!

Rift Raid (R5 Guide) - Super reliable team builds.

Dimensional Hole (2A Guide) - Precise Awakening strategy.


Best Value!

Complete SW Guide



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Everything in the Max Efficiency Guide for Leveling Up Fast

Everything in the Runes Masterclass for Speed Team Dungeons

+Easy to Follow BJ5 for R5

+LD Exclusive SW-Database Phone Wallpapers


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our Max Efficiency guide that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase date, and we will provide you with a full refund.

We understand that not all guides are created equal, and that's why we stand by the quality of our product. Our guide has been crafted with 1000's of hours of research and gameplay testing to ensure that you receive the best possible advice and strategies for Summoners War.


With our guide, you'll have access to in-depth analysis and insider tips that will help you master the game and become a top player. We are confident that you will be thrilled with the results, but if for any reason you're not, we want to make sure you're not out a single penny.

So take the next step in improving your gameplay and purchase our Max Efficiency guide risk-free today!

  • Does this work even if I don't have over powered monsters?
    Yes, the key to success in Summoners War is to build synergistic teams with the right runes.
  • Do I need insane runes to make this work?
    No, we provide our members with a few team options that work well with beginner runes. These teams will make it easy for you to quickly improve your rune quality.
  • How much time will I need to make progress?
    Many of our community members have reported making progress in just a couple of days alone! Progress is up to you and how much time you are willing to spend, but we do guarantee significant progress in 30 days.
  • Should I still buy SW packs?
    SW Packs will help you to progress faster in the game, but it's not necessary as you can progress at your own pace. We have had free-to-play players compete with many who have bought tons of packs.
  • How often is the guide updated and are there additional costs for future updates?
    SW-Database is updated regularly, and new monsters are always being added. Updates also include the guides and along with new tips and tricks. We hate subscriptions so no extra charge when new content is released! Yay!
  • Can I access the guides and materials from any device?
    You can always log into your membership account from any device anywhere around the world.
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