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From Novice to Pro!

Max Efficiency

Step by Step Progression Guide

Make insane progress. GUARANTEED.

2023 Version

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Advance tips and tricks from top tier players

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Unlock ALL hidden in game rewards

Powerful team builds and optimized rune builds to quickly climb the rankings

Results Driven

We are proud to introduce you to the best guide focused on conquering the entire Summoners War game. It is the result of my personal experience and knowledge gained from several veteran players in Summoners War. You will be able to surpass many players who have invested thousands of dollars into the game while still being Free-to-Play (if you don't want to spend in game money.)

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Through strategic planning and efficient progression, you will achieved remarkable results. You will be able to clear all game content with top scores, achieved speed dungeon times, and potentially reach Guardian 1 or higher in all PvP content. These accomplishments are rare even among players who have been active for over 900 days.


Our success strategy is attributed to maximize in-game rewards and follow the most efficient progression path. This program aims to help other players easily implement these advance strategies and achieve similar levels of success.


With the Max Efficiency Guide, you can gain access to the proven techniques and insights that have propelled many others forward in Summoners War.


This guide is guaranteed to unlock the full potential of your gameplay.

Earn $399.92 Worth of Rewards Each Month!

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Rewards from

  • All Attribute Scrolls: 1

  • Legendary Scrolls: 1

  • Light & Dark Scrolls: 2

  • Devilmons: 2

  • Mystical Scrolls: 6

  • Engraved Pieces: 160

  • 5* Rainbowmons: 2

  • 4* Rainbowmons: 2

  • Crystals: 1,400

  • Mana: 1,093,500

  • Energy: 100

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Crafting from
Rift of Worlds

  • Legendary Magic Boxes: 8

  • Legendary Scrolls: 1

  • Legendary Pieces: 10

  • Wind Scrolls: 1

  • Water Scrolls: 1

  • Mystical Scrolls: 2

  • Grinds & Enchants: 11

  • Crystals: 125

  • Mana: 850,000

  • Reappraisal Stones: 12

rift rewards v2.jpg
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Rewards from
Guild Content

  • 5* Rainbowmons : 4

  • Legendary Rune Box: 4

  • Crystals: 1,108

  • Engraved Pieces: 1,1448

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Rewards from Arena

  • Devilmons: 4

  • Crystals: 1,200

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By implementing the advance, hidden strategies we're about to share, you can elevate your performance from average to SSS tier in no time!

Each month, we are able to farm rewards equivalent to over four $99.98 in-game packs, totaling a value of $399.92, and this doesn't even include additional rewards from events and login bonuses.


In comparison, the average player falls far short, missing out on more than $199.96 worth of valuable items and resources. It's time to step up your game and unlock the secrets that many top players have successfully utilized to reach their current positions of success.


This guide was designed by guardian and legend players and back by SW-Database, the top ranked Online Summoners War Wiki source along with statistics from tens of thousands of players all around the world! This will maximize your resources and give you the fastest direction from start to finish. You will make significant progress within 30 days guaranteed!

Check Out What Other Players Have Said About Our Guides…

The best thing about offering you a guide with a site that's been around for years (and updated every year), is that we’ve had well over 1,000 people testing our strategies, and so many have become top notch players. Here are some of our favorite stories…


Able to clear all content.

Zaiross SW.png


  • Could only reliably beat B10 Dungeons

  • Could only get A+ in Rift and R5

  • Fighter 3 in Arena 

  • Guild Win rate 4/10


  • Completed all B12 Dungeons with 100% Success Rate

  • SSS on all Rift and R5

  • G1 in Arena

  • Top contributor in Guild Content

I thought I had a good idea of how to play the game but was getting really frustrated since I was confused and didn't know what to work on. The Max Efficiency Guide really helped me to focus and taught me exactly what I needed to do next. There were so many things I was missing each month! I can't imagine how long it would have taken me without this guide. It's the best! 

- Liam - Los Angels, California


Able to clear all content.

Nana SW.png


  • Could only reliably beat B9 Dungeons

  • Could only get B in Rift and R5

  • Fighter 1 in Arena 

  • Guild Win rate 2/10


  • Completed all B12 Dungeons with 100% Success Rate

  • SSS on all Rift and R5

  • C3 in Arena

  • Top 10% Contribution in Guild Content

A buddy of mine introduced me to the game. I'm a big Pokemon fan and love gacha style games. I thought I knew my stuff but man was I wrong. I was so lost! There's so much to this game, but the Max Efficiency Guide made it so easy to understand. I made significant progress and was even able to catch up to my friend. Lol not sure if he was happy about that. Seriously, get these guides. They really work!

- William - Columbus, Ohio


Able to clear all content.

Rica SW.png


  • Could only reliably beat B7 Dungeons

  • Could only get B in Rift and R5

  • Fighter 1 in Arena 

  • Guild Win rate 1/10


  • Completed all B12 Dungeons with 100% Success Rate

  • SSS on all Rift and R5

  • C3 in Arena

  • Top 20% Contribution in Guild Content

My boyfriend and I started this game together. I pulled my favorite girl Rica! She's so cute! I'm glad I got these guides because it allowed me to give her justice and make her shine. My boyfriend was surprised how quickly I caught on. These guides did the trick! Easy to understand, straight forward, and flexible depending on what you pull. Just gotta say, I'm impressed so far! 

- Alyssa - Sydney, Australia


Tons of players blame luck with bad rune drops, summons or not buying enough "Pay to Win" packs as to why they aren't making much progress. 


Here's the real truth: 

  • They don't know how to efficiently prioritize which monsters to work on along with which content.

  • They have no idea about team builds or turn orders to successful complete runs. 

  • They waste valuable resources because they don't have any idea what to use the resources for. 

We have proven that knowledgeable players can still beat ones that spend $1,000's of dollars in game. Spending tons of money in the game without knowing what to do is like blowing money on a fast car without knowing how to drive.