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Rune Masterclass

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Get More Legendary Runes. GUARANTEED.

2023 Version

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Guardian Level Guide to Speed Team Builds

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Speed Team Builds:
+Abyss Hard Floors
+Spiritual Realm B10
+Steel Fortress B10
+Punisher Crypt B10

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No Overpowered
Nat 5's Needed

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Players who want to maximize their rune farming speed and get more Legendary runes.

Obtaining high-quality runes for all your monsters is the ultimate challenge in Summoners War. Many players tend to haphazardly equip leftover runes on the majority of their monsters, leading to bad performance and failed runs.

The primary reasons behind the agony of poor rune quality among players can be attributed to two factors:

  1. Reliance on dungeon farming teams with a success rate of 95% or lower.

  2. Lack of speed teams capable of swiftly clearing dungeons within the 40-60 second range.

On this page, we will show you how to overcome these obstacles and find effective solutions.

According to data from, if you have a mere 5% failure rate on your Giants, Dragons, and Necro runs, you are missing out on over 14 legend-grade runes and approximately 50 6-star Hero-grade runes EACH MONTH. (And that's not even taking into account the loss of Mana Stones and Mystical Scrolls!)

That’s roughly equal to 4x $29.99 packs worth ($119.96 total) of resources you will gain each month from increasing your success rate by just 5%!

You're missing out on 14+ Legendary Runes each month!


Results Driven

We are proud to introduce you to the best guide focused on mastering runes and artifacts to supercharge your account. It is the result of my personal experience and knowledge gained from several veteran players in Summoners War. You will be able to surpass many players who have invested thousands of dollars into the game while still being Free-to-Play (if you don't want to spend in game money.)

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Through strategic planning and efficient progression, you will achieved remarkable results. You will be able to clear all game content with top scores, achieved speed dungeon times, and potentially reach Guardian 1 or higher in all PvP content. These accomplishments are rare even among players who have been active for over 900 days.


Our success strategy is attributed to maximize in-game rewards and follow the most efficient progression path. This program aims to help other players easily implement these advance strategies and achieve similar levels of success.


With the Max Efficiency Guide, you can gain access to the proven techniques and insights that have propelled many others forward in Summoners War.


This guide is guaranteed to unlock the full potential of your gameplay.

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Exclusive Insider Secrets:
Uncover Game-Changing Strategies Unavailable Anywhere Else!

Our meticulously crafted guides are the culmination of extensive testing conducted by numerous Guardian-level players. The invaluable insights and knowledge derived from these trials have been exclusively shared within our circle of friends and guild members. While it's possible to acquire this information by fostering a close friendship with a Guardian 3 player who is willing to invest their time in teaching you, it remains guarded and undisclosed on public platforms, including YouTube and streaming channels.


Tons of players blame luck with bad rune drops, summons or not buying enough "Pay to Win" packs as to why they aren't making much progress. 


Here's the real truth: 

  • They don't know how to efficiently prioritize which monsters to work on along with which content.

  • They have no idea about team builds or turn orders to successful complete runs. 

  • They waste valuable resources because they don't have any idea what to use the resources for. 

We have proven that knowledgeable players can still beat ones that spend $1,000's of dollars in game. Spending tons of money in the game without knowing what to do is like blowing money on a fast car without knowing how to drive. 

This guide not only provides you with a more affordable option, but also makes it really rewarding as you progress faster than all your friends who have dumped a lot of money into the game. 


This guide was designed by guardian and legend players and back by SW-Database, the top ranked Online Summoners War Wiki source along with statistics from tens of thousands of players all around the world! This will maximize your resources and give you the fastest direction from start to finish. You will make significant progress within 30 days guaranteed!

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What's in the Guide?

The Step-by-step Guide To Getting An Extra $119.96 Worth of Runes Every Month Without Buying Rune Packs!

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Rune & Artifact Academy

Expand your knowledge of rune farming by delving into the techniques that have been kept secret within the Summoners War community, exclusively known by top players. Drawing from expert insights, these tried and tested methods guarantee a significant boost in acquiring runes. Lastly, you'll realize how many "myths" are spread and how to quickly identify misinformation leading to setbacks. 

Whether you are aware of it or not, OP monsters aren't the solution to your problems....OP runes are. The key lies in identifying the ideal combination of monsters to utilize while taking into account the ones you have already summoned, as well as those you can obtain through farming or fusion to achieve your goals. 

Optimized Dungeon Teams

Our team has meticulously crafted dozens of dungeon speed teams with an impeccable 100% success rate for GAH, GB10, DAH, DB10, NAH, NB10, SB10, SF10, and PC10. These teams have been methodically ranked, taking into account their speed and the level of rune quality required for optimal performance.


By referring to our comprehensive tier list, you will effortlessly identify the ultimate team tailored to your available monster roster. Additionally, the tier list will highlight any missing monsters that are essential for constructing an even more formidable team.

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Detailed Rune & Stat Guide

While numerous Summoners War websites offer general rune and stat builds for each monster, it's crucial to recognize that the optimal build for a monster varies depending on the specific content and team composition you intend to use it for.


In our comprehensive guides, we go beyond the generic recommendations by providing detailed rune builds and specific stat recommendations tailored to each monster's role within different dungeons and teams. This ensures that you have the necessary information to maximize the effectiveness of your monsters in various gameplay scenarios.

Exclusive Perks: Results and Benefits of Joining

Here is the main reasons why you should get the Rune Academy & Farming Guide.

Unleash Your Potential: Achieve Success without Purchasing Packs

Get tons of Runes, Mana, Mystical Scrolls, and Crystals Monthly with Flawless 100% Success Rate Speed Teams (Equivalent to $119.96 in Value from Paid Packs for Most Players)

Escape the Feeling of Being Stuck

Say goodbye to the tedious process of determining the optimal monsters to use and the most effective rune and stat combinations for them. With our solution, you can eliminate the guesswork and never again question the potential of the natural 5-star monsters you've summoned.

Dominate PvP Battles: Equip Your Monsters with Top-tier Runes

Experience the Ultimate Efficiency with Dungeon Teams Optimized for PvP Monsters and Overlapping PvE Monsters, Giving You More Runes for PvP Domination!

Accelerate Your Progress: Run Dungeons with Lightning-Fast Times

Impress Your Friends and Guildmates with Record-Breaking Dungeon Run Times!Achieve Unrivaled Speed and Surpass Veteran Players who Spend Tons of Money on In-game Packs. 

If you are serious about taking your Summoners War account to the next level then get it now before memberships fill up.

Dude, just get these guides. Seriously! It's way better than buying all the packs and p2w crap. Lol I get enjoyment from guild when I can take on people I know spent a lot of money in game. SW-Database really helped me understand the game, and I feel gave me a competitive edge for sure. 

Odin SW.png

- Daren - New York, New York

I was really struggling with the game and didn't realize I powered up some pretty bad runes. Green ones even. Yikes! The guides helped me fixed all that and now it's a no brainer how to build and what area should I work on. Kinda wish I would have gotten this sooner, but hey better late than never!

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- Lizz - Hamburg, Germany

I feel like a lot of the other sites and videos teach you how to build but focus mostly on PvP and don't really cover as much detail about different parts of the game. Some are even telling you to build just down right bad monsters. I would 100% recommend these guides to anyone. It just works and easy to follow. 

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- Abhisit - Bankok, Thailand


Below are details of what's included with our guides to help you decide which one is best for you.


Step-by-Step Progression:  

Giant's Keep B10/GAH:  

Dragon's Lair B10/DAH:  

Necropolis B10/NAH:  

Artifact Farming: 

Trial of Ascension (ToA):  

Rift of Worlds (R5):  

Secondary Awakening Teams:  


Step-by-Step Progression:  

Giant's Keep B10/GAH:  

Dragon's Lair B10/DAH:  

Necropolis B10/NAH:  

Artifact Farming: 

Trial of Ascension (ToA):  

Rift of Worlds (R5):  

Secondary Awakening Teams:


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our Max Efficiency guide that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase date, and we will provide you with a full refund.

We understand that not all guides are created equal, and that's why we stand by the quality of our product. Our guide has been crafted with 1000's of hours of research and gameplay testing to ensure that you receive the best possible advice and strategies for Summoners War.


With our guide, you'll have access to in-depth analysis and insider tips that will help you master the game and become a top player. We are confident that you will be thrilled with the results, but if for any reason you're not, we want to make sure you're not out a single penny.

So take the next step in improving your gameplay and purchase our Max Efficiency guide risk-free today!

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Rune Masterclass: Ultimate Farming Guide



Learn from the Best. Be Powerful.

Valid until canceled

Guardian Level Academy: Learn Powerful End Game Strategies

Giants Abyss Hard + GB10 - Speed Team Builds

Dragons Abyss Hard + DB10 - Speed Team Builds

Necro Abyss Hard + NB20 - Speed Team Builds

Steel Fortress B10 - Speed teams and artifact tuning

Punisher Crypt B10 - Speed teams and artifact tuning

Spiritual Realm B10 - Speed Team Builds

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