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Runes 101: The Complete Rune Guide for Beginners

Welcome to this comprehensive guide all about runes! Get ready to dive into the world of acquiring, optimizing, and utilizing runes to enhance your powerful monsters.

Throughout this guide, I'll provide you with a detailed breakdown of the different types of runes available, how to obtain them, and invaluable insights into optimizing the allocation of runes for your favorite monsters.

Each monster can equip up to six unique runes, allowing for significant augmentation. When equipped with a specific set of runes, your monsters unlock powerful set bonuses that amplify their combat capabilities.

For example, if you equip your monster with four fatal runes, you'll gain 35% increase in attack power. However, it's worth noting that some set effects require only two runes for activation, while others demand the use of four runes for optimal results.

Below is a quick cheat sheet that allows you to identify all the current available runes along with vital additional details you'll need to build your team.


In most cases, when it comes to the main stat of a rune, you'll want a percentage-based main stat on slots 2, 4, and 6. The exception to this rule is slot 2, where you might prioritize speed as the main stat.

Flat stats in these slots are usually not as desirable and are often sold because they are significantly weaker compared to percentage-based runes.

Rune Slot | Stat

1 | ATK

2 | ATK/ATK (%)/DEF/DEF (%)/HP/HP (%)/Spd

3 | DEF

4 | ATK/ATK (%)/DEF/DEF (%)/HP/HP (%)/Crit Rate (%)/Crit Dmg (%)

5 | HP

6 | ATK/ATK (%)/DEF/DEF (%)/HP/HP (%)/Resistance (%)/Accuracy (%)


  1. ATK – Offers flat attack damage

  2. ATK(%) – Offers percentage damage

  3. DEF – Offers flat defense

  4. DEF(%) – Offers percentage defense

  5. Spd – Offers flat attack speed increase

  6. HP – Offers flat health points

  7. HP(%) – Offers percentage health point increase

  8. CRI Rate(%) – Offers percentage critical rate increase

  9. CRI Dmg(%) – Offers percentage critical rate damage increase

  10. Resistance(%) – Offers percentage resistance to harmful effects

  11. Accuracy(%) – Offers percentage accuracy to inflicting status effects


Every time you power up a rune there is a chance to boost a stat every 3, 6, 9, and 12 power ups. Not all rolls are the same. This is where the min-max comes in and you get a random number each time.

Your goal is to get it as high as possible. If there are no stats showing after the roll you'll gain a random new stat.


This comprehensive guide provides all the essential information about runes in the game. It covers the types of runes, their acquisition methods, and the recommended rune sets for different monsters. The guide also offers tips on efficient rune farming techniques to obtain high-quality runes.

Runes are powerful items that can be equipped on monsters to enhance their abilities. Each monster can equip up to six runes, and specific rune combinations provide bonus stat effects. The guide includes a table showcasing different rune sets, their effects, and where to find them.

Powering up runes with mana stones increases their stats and adds new stats. The success rate of power-up attempts depends on the rune's level, and runes can be powered up a maximum of fifteen times. The guide explains the different rarity levels of runes and how they affect the number of sub stats.

By following the advice in this guide, you can make informed decisions about rune selection, power-ups, and optimizing their monster's performance in the game. Good luck!


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