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Summoners War Beginner Guide 2024 for Progression

Welcome to the Summoners War beginner guide 2024 for progression. Gaining a clear understanding of the major milestones in Summoners War is essential for making significant progress. By strategically managing your time and resources, you can build a strong Summoners War account.

Listed below are important goals that deserve your attention. Additionally, you can explore a comprehensive Advance Summoners War guide linked below, which offers invaluable insights and strategies to help you efficiently achieve each objective. This resource will propel you towards a path of success and accomplishment in your Summoners War journey.

STEP 1: Scenarios and Leveling Monsters

One of your initial objectives is to complete all the scenarios on Normal mode, enabling you to unlock additional content and reap the rewards associated with clearing each zone.

During this process, make sure to grab all the Rewards from Summoners War. It will give you rune sets that will greatly assist you in GB10 and farming Faimon more efficiently.

To overcome challenging stages, particularly boss encounters, make effective use of the rep monsters provided by your friends. Their assistance can prove invaluable in clearing difficult stages and progressing faster.

STEP 2: Giants Basement or GB10.

Once you have successfully cleared all the scenarios and can easily clear Faimon on Hard mode with your farming monster alone, it is time to shift your focus towards building your Giant's B10 team.

Obtaining high-quality runes from GB10 is crucial for your overall success in Summoners War, spanning across various content, including PvP engagements.

While assembling your team, make sure that you prioritize completing the Veromos fusion. Veromos not only makes it easier to farm GB10 but is also super useful in other areas of the game.

STEP 3: Tower of Ascension Normal (TOAN)

Once you have successfully established and fine-tuned your GB10 team, consistently achieving an above 85% success rate in farming, it is time to shift your focus towards conquering the Trial of Ascension (ToA).

ToA presents an opportunity to challenge and conquer a unique set of stages once a month, offering incredible rewards upon reaching various milestones. Among the top-tier rewards are a devilmon at Floor 70, a Light & Dark scroll at Floor 90, and a Legendary scroll at Floor 100.

The rationale behind tackling ToA after GB10 lies in the fact that you can utilize your GB10 team to conquer the trials. The only additional monster you will need to build is Baretta, a fusion monster that can be acquired with relative ease.

STEP 4: Dragon’s Lair (DB10)

Once you have accumulated a collection of high-quality runes from GB10, it is time to shift your focus towards building a DB10 team.

DB10 is a dungeon that yields some of the most coveted rune sets in Summoners War, including the highly influential and valuable Violent rune set. Acquiring top-tier Violent runes can significantly enhance the power and potential of your account. These versatile runes are utilized by a wide range of monsters, from attackers to full-support units, making them indispensable assets in various aspects of gameplay.

STEP 5: Tower of Ascension Hard (TOAH)

Once you have obtained a collection of reliable Violent runes from DB10, your initial focus should be on conquering the Hard mode of Trial of Ascension (ToAH).

ToAH offers similar rewards to its normal counterpart (ToAN), but with significantly tougher challenges. Monsters in ToAH Hard mode possess greater HP and deal increased damage, putting your team's abilities to the test.

It is essential to aim for clearing ToAH Floor 70 as soon as possible to obtain two Devilmons each month. These valuable resources are crucial for skill enhancements of your 5-star monsters, further bolstering their capabilities.

STEP 6: Rift of Worlds Raids (R5)

Once you have achieved the milestone of clearing Trial of Ascension Hard mode up to Floor 70 (ToAH F70), you can shift your focus towards building a reliable team for Rift Raid Level 5 (R5).

R5 offers valuable rewards in the form of Enchanted Gems and Grindstones. These items serve as potent tools to enhance the power of your runes. Enchanted Gems allow you to modify one of the substats on a rune, while Grindstones provide a significant boost to any substat.

By successfully farming R5, you will significantly enhance the potency of your existing rune collection, further augmenting the strength of your monsters.

STEP 7: Necropolis (NB10)

Once you have acquired a substantial amount of Grindstones and Enchanted Gems to enhance your rune collection, it is advisable to focus on building a team for Necropolis B10 (NB10).

NB10 drops rune sets that are particularly valuable for PvP content such as Arenas, Real-Time Arena, and Guild Wars. These rune sets can greatly enhance the performance of your monsters in competitive battles.

It is recommended to prioritize farming Rift Raid Level 5 (R5) before venturing into NB10. The reason for this approach is that the runes obtained from NB10 do not significantly contribute to your success in R5. However, utilizing the Grindstones and Enchanted Gems acquired from R5 will greatly facilitate your progress in NB10, making it more accessible and manageable.

STEP 8: Steel Fortress (SF10) & Punisher Crypt (PC10)

It is now time to build your monsters even stronger and prepare you for faster runes and more reliable Raids.

SF10 and PC10 offer a whole new level of powerups called Artifacts. Artifacts will add additional power to your monsters to make all of your gameplay faster and more efficient.

We recommended you attack SF10 before entering into PC10 as PC10 is a bit more difficult and require higher quality runes to successfully complete.

STEP 9: End Game PvP

Once you have successfully assembled a reliable team for Necropolis B10 (NB10) and are able to farm it consistently, you can shift your focus towards acquiring PvP-oriented runes and building your monsters for player versus player (PvP) content.

By excelling in Arena battles and winning battles in Guild Siege, you can significantly increase the number of Crystals you obtain on a weekly basis. These additional Crystals serve as a valuable resource for various in-game activities and progression.

(Note: It is assumed that you have already been actively participating in Arena battles and Guild Wars to a sufficient extent, allowing you to at least purchase the weekly Rainbowmon and Devilmon rewards available in these game modes.)


This comprehensive guide provides all the essential information about runes in the game. It covers the types of runes, their acquisition methods, and the recommended rune sets for different monsters. The guide also offers tips on efficient rune farming techniques to obtain high-quality runes.

Runes are powerful items that can be equipped on monsters to enhance their abilities. Each monster can equip up to six runes, and specific rune combinations provide bonus stat effects. The guide includes a table showcasing different rune sets, their effects, and where to find them.

Powering up runes with mana stones increases their stats and adds new stats. The success rate of power-up attempts depends on the rune's level, and runes can be powered up a maximum of fifteen times. The guide explains the different rarity levels of runes and how they affect the number of sub stats.

By following the advice in this guide, you can make informed decisions about rune selection, power-ups, and optimizing their monster's performance in the game. Good luck!


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