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Summoners War Reloaded (2023): 7 Things You Need to Know From the Live Event and Major Update

The Summoners War Reloaded 2023 Update live stream event lasted over three hours, but there was a lot of fluff and only one hour was really dedicated to actual content.

To save you time, here's a quick breakdown so you don't have to watch the whole 3 hours.

1 - Two Part Update

The upcoming update will be released in two parts, with the first part expected on June 30th.

The focus of the update is on enhancing and improving existing features rather than adding new ones.

1st Part

  • Farming Content Revamp

  • Overall System Revamp

2nd Part

  • Dimensional Hole

  • New 2nd Awakening Monsters: Frankenstein & Living Armor

2 - Artifact Changes

Some artifact subsets will be removed and 1 new one added, streamlining the system and making it more efficient.

Removed Artifacts include:

  • [ATK/DEF/SPD] Increased Proportional to Lost HP up to N%

  • HP when Revived +N%

  • Attack Bar when Revived +N%

New Artifact

  • First Attack Crit DMG +N% (4-6%)

Combined Artifacts

  • Damage dealt by Counterattack/Attacking Together +N%

  • ATK/DEF Increasing Effect +N%

  • [Skill 3/4] Crit DMG +N%

3 - New Dimensional Hole

The update introduces the Dimension Hole, as well as new Second Awakening monsters: Frankenstein and Living Armor.

4 - Runes and Grinds Locations

Runes and grinds will be shuffled between Rift Beasts and Cairos Dungeon, with new dungeons added. Rift Beasts will now only drop grinds and gems.

Rift Dungeons will now drop only Gems and Rift Raid will drop only Grindstones.

5 - Updated Graphics & New Dungeons

The update includes a graphics overhaul for Giants and Dragons dungeons, with the addition of Abyssal floors. Duplicate monsters will not be allowed in Abyssal floors, and these floors offer attractive rewards. Boss skills will change at the start of the new season every 6 months.

New Cairos Dungeon: Spiritual Realm will be added as well and will drop the following rune rewards:

  • Seal

  • Fight

  • Determination

  • Enhance

  • Accuracy

  • Tolerance

Below is the Spiritual Realm Skills in Summoners War.

6 - QoL Power-ups, New Runes, & Essences

Rune power-up failure rate will be removed, allowing instant upgrades. They will also show default grade even when fully powered up.

Artifacts will come fully upgraded.

New Runes from Abyssal Floors

New Rune Essences can be acquired with mana stones when selling. They can be used to obtain 6* Legend Runes.

7 - Monster Leveling

Evolution no longer requires max level. You will only need to level up after 6* to Max it to level 50.

Are you struggling and want to progress through the game 10X faster? Check out this Max Efficiency Progression Guide to skip all the headaches and mistakes nearly all beginners make.


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