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Summoners War Best Rune Selling Guide! (2024)

Do you get anxiety when it comes to knowing when to sell or power runes? That's ok. It's totally normal. When I started the game it was hard to figure out which runes to keep, which ones to power up, and which ones to sell right away. I made some mistakes and wasted a lot of mana. If you don't want to do that, then keep reading this guide.

Did you know?

• The average cost to max a 5 star rune to +15 is 683,649 mana stones.

The average cost to max a 6 star rune to +15 is 894,206 mana stones.

That is a LOT of mana and, unfortunately, a lot of summoners waste mana by powering up bad runes.

In this rune guide, I'm going to help you quickly figure out which runes to put your efforts in. You're going to know exactly what to do and feel less stressed. I'll be breaking it down to 3 sections: early-game, mid-game, and end-game.

How do I know where I'm at? Good question!

Early-game: Players who are working to progress the game. They need help in PvE.

Mid-game: Players who have mostly conquered PvE. They have speed teams for all dungeons. They can complete ToAN 100. They either are starting or can survive R5.

End-game: Players who can complete any PvE content easily. They are RTA capable and contribute a lot in guild content.

Now that you know where you are in the game, you have a clearer vision on what to do next. Keep in mind some monsters are runed different depending on what you are trying to accomplish. At the end of the blog I put some very useful resources you can use to help your progression. I hope this will help make your life easier!


Welcome to the strategy game of Monster Runes (cough) I mean Summoners War! If you are reading this as an early game player, you have just saved sooooooo much time and headache compared to many other new players.

Here are some very important things you should know.

Each slot is numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

• Slot 2, 4, and 6 are VERY important.

• Runes come in as NORMAL (white), MAGIC (green), RARE (blue), HERO (purple), and LEGENDARY (orange).

• Runes range from 1-6 star.


Instead of sharing with you which runes to keep and power up. It's easier to show you which ones to sell.


You should always sell these.


You should always sell these. Unless you just started the game and have no runes at all.

RARE RUNE (Situational)

A rare rune will have 2 substats. If one is percent and the other is flat, and after powering it up it rolls into the flat. Sell it, (unless it's Speed).

EPIC RUNE (Situational)

If it's a MAIN flat stat on 2, 4, or 6 slot sell it(unless it has speed on slot 2 or in substats). An epic rune will have 3 substat. If all roll into flat stat after power up then sell it (unless it's Speed).

LEGENDARY RUNE (Situational)

If it's MAIN flat stat on 2, 4, or 6 sell it unless the main stat is Speed on slot 2 or if there is speed substat on slot 4 or 6. Speed is still usable even if the main stat is flat. If all roll into flat stat after power up then sell it.

NOTE: NEVER +15 a 1-4 star rune or Normal 5-6 star rune. It is a huge waste of mana and you will get better runes. Trust me.

Are you struggling and want to progress through the game 10X faster? Get the maximum efficiency, progression guide to skip all the headaches and mistakes nearly all beginners make.


As a Mid-Game player you should already have a good grasp on the game progression and dynamics. Runes you want to be looking for are ones that will progress you through the pve content the fastest and most efficient way. You should also be keeping your eyes out for good R5 runes.

Many of the rules of rune selling are similar to Early Game Players, however there are some exceptions.



• 1-4 Star Runes

• Normal & Magic Runes

• Main stat is Resistance & Accuracy % runes with no Speed Substats *even if legendary

• Flat Slot 2 runes *even if legendary

• Flat Stat slot 4 & 6, unless Speed substat (sell if rolls don't go into Speed)

All the above rules apply for the ones down coming up next.

RARE RUNE (Situational)

Sell any rare rune that has no Speed. If it has Speed Substat, only keep if both power-ups went into Speed.

EPIC RUNE (Situational)

Sell any Epic rune that has 2 flat stats (unless it's Speed).

LEGENDARY RUNE (Situational)

Sell any 5* Legendary rune that has 3 flat stats (unless it's Speed).

+ Keep a lookout for good runes for R5. R5 isn't speed heavy reliant but you need good overall substats combined with grinds and enchants to survive. If you need help check out this R5 guide for team builds and strategy.


I'm not going to go too deep as you are familiar by now what you need and don't need. However, if you are someone approaching End-Game here's what you need to focus on. Keep in mind Speed is King in PvP.


• Speed substats

• High, efficient rolls

• Synchronized stats (Support Main with support substats or Damage Main with damage substats, etc.)

You will need to be picky! Only power up +15 runes if they are 6*. You want to pay attention to which monsters need which runes and keep track of them. I write a list of monsters I have and write down what runes I want to improve. This helps make it easier and more organized.

BONUS: Resources


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