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Wind Weapon Master

Wind Weapon Master.png
Dominic SW.png

HOW TO GET: Mystical Scroll, Temple of Wishes, Wind Scroll, Legendary Scroll
GOOD FOR: PvP in General, NB10, Water Rift, R5, Dimensional Hole

Dominic Wind Weapon Master.jpg

MAX STATS (6* & Awakened)
HP: 10875 ATK: 801 DEF: 615 SPD: 102
Increases CRI Rate by 15%

high wind essence.png

20 High    10 Mid     15 High     5 Mid 



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Skillups Needed: 10 (Use Devilmons)

Glaive Slash: Attacks the enemy 2 times to disturb the target's HP recovery for 2 turns with a 30% chance each.

  • Damage +5%

  • Effect Rate +5%

  • Damage +10%

  • Damage +10%

  • Effect Rate +15%

Multiplier: 1.9*{ATK} x2


Weakness Shot: Attacks the enemy to leave a Branding effect for 2 turns and attacks 3 more times. The damage increases as the enemy's HP condition is bad. (Reusable in 4 turns).

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +10%

  • Damage +10%

  • Damage +10%

  • Cooltime Turn -1

Multiplier: {ATK}*(3.1 - 1.2*{Target Current HP %}) x4


Improvisation (Passive): Attacks additionally, dealing damage equal to 100% of your Attack Power when attacking an enemy on your turn. This attack increases the damage by 100% if your HP exceeds 50% and recovers HP by the damage dealt if it's 50% or below. [Automatic Effect]

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +15%

Multiplier: 0.14*{MAX HP}

Leader Skill: Increase the HP of ally monsters by 33%



Early-Mid Game

Focus on Atk, CR, CD, Acc

2 - Sets | Blade

4 - Set | Fatal, Rage

End Game 

Focus on Spd, Atk, CR, CD, HP, Acc

2 - Sets | Will

4 - Set | Violent



ATK% / HP%

CD% / CR%

Keep in mind these are just general recommendations, you will need to alter your rune and stat builds based on what content you want to use this monster for and what team you are using him with. 


John Build Tips
His early-mid game build is pretty standard for a damage dealer with lots of ATK, CR, CD and some ACC for the Brand. 

As you progress into the late game you'll need to build him as a bruiser with more SPD andHP. 

Recommended Artifacts: 

  • DMG Dealt on Water+

  • DMG Received from Fire-

  • [Skill 1] Accuracy +

  • [Skill 2] Accuracy +

  • ATK Increasing Effect +

  • SPD Increasing Effect +

  • CRIT DMG Received -

  • Add'l DMG Proportional to ATK

  • Add'l DMG Proportional to HP

Learn About Runes, Drop Locations, and More!


•Dominic in Summoners War passive makes him a very strong sustain DPS unit. 
•All of his skills are Multi Hits which makes him useful in Necro B12.
•His first skill heal blocks. 
•His 2nd skill does branding which is great for additional damage. 

•His passive requires you lower his HP to deal high damage which is risky. 



GB10 (7/10): He can be used in Giants B12, but you generally want nukers or monsters with more CC to farm this dungeon. 

DB10 (0/10): He has elemental disadvantage and is not recommended in Dragons B12. 


NB10 (9/10): All of his skills are multi hits which is great for breaking through the boss' shield. Also his branding helps for faster dungeon runs and his HP disturb helps to stop the boss from healing. 

SB10 (5/10): He is ok Spiritual Realm B10 but there are better monsters for the job.

SF10 (5/10): He is ok Steel Fortress B10 but there are better monsters for the job.

PC10 (5/10): He can be used here, but there are better options. 

ToA (4/10): He lacks CC to be very useful here.

Rift of Worlds (8/10): His passive makes him useful as a damage dealer since he can also heal himself and gains damage as his HP decreases.

Labyrinth (3/10): He can be used in some niche stages, but you want monsters with more CC to farm Lab. 

Dimensional Hole (8/10): His passive hims him useful to sustain in the normal and elemental restriction stage.

Arena (7/10): Generally you want AoE Cleave teams to farm Arena, but he can be used in sustain defense. 

Guild Wars (8/10): He is good on offense to deal big damage and sustain. 


RTA (9/10): He really shines here since he can do more than just dish out damage. As you climb the ranks multi utility is extremely important. 

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