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How to Play Summoners War : Guide for New Players

Welcome to Summoners War! If you are brand new we want to invite you to the SW Community and help you get to a good start.

In this guide we'll be going over the basics of Summoner, how the mechanics work, and some quick advice for a rewarding experience as you build your monsters to greatness.

The Battle Screen

This is the screen that you will see the most. Lets break the parts down.

Green Bar: Your Monsters HP

Thin Blue Bar: Your Monster's Attack Bar. *Once this fills up you will be able to take a turn. How quickly this fills is determined by the monster's total speed.

Numbers: Your Monster's current level.

Colors Behind the Numbers: Your Monster's Attribute type i.e. water(blue), fire(red), wind(yellow), light(white), & dark(purple)

Each Attribute has an advantage and disadvantage to one another.

For example a Fire type monster is strong against Wind types and is weak against Water types. Light and Dark are both strong against each other and do not have attribute disadvantage.

How does this affect gameplay?

Attribute Advantage:

  • Attacking Monster gains +15% chance to Crit against the enemy

Attribute Disadvantage:

  • Attacking Monster has a 50% chance to glance. Glancing reduces damage and prevents Debuffs.

  • Attacking Monster's Crit Rate is reduced by 15%.

In order to attack you'll need to select which skill works best for the situation. Make sure to read each skill to get the most out of the monster.

Once you've selected your skill an arrow will appear above the enemy monster to select as your target. Remember to keep what you've learned about attribute advantage and disadvantage as it will greatly affect your strategy.

To overcome challenging stages, particularly boss encounters, make effective use of the rep monsters provided by your friends. Their assistance can prove invaluable in clearing difficult stages and progressing faster.

Skill Effects

The first set of Skill Effects we'll go over are Beneficial Effects also known as Buffs. Here's some things you need to know.

  1. Beneficial Effects help to boost your ally monsters

  2. There are 17 Buffs

  3. 10 total buffs can be granted on a Monster

The opposite of Beneficial Effects are Harmful Effects also known as Debuffs. Here's some things you need to know.

  1. Harmful Effects negatively affect your enemies whether it be stunning, freezing, damage over time etc.

  2. There are 17 Harmful Effects

  3. 10 total debuffs can be granted on a Monster

Battle Screen : Menu System

Let's take a look at the menu system. The cog wheel icon opens up a sub menu which allows you to view inputs(buffs & debuffs) about the current runs, which boss monsters(Mid & Final) to attack, or to end the battle.

Next to it is a multiplier of x1, x2, or x3. This determines the speed of the animations. Scaling this to x3 will make your runs faster.

To the right of that is the play and pause button.


There's a lot to learn when starting Summoners War. We covered all the mechanics and understand what's displayed on the screen. This includes buffs and debuffs, how elemental advantage works, and utilizing the menu system.

If you are looking for a way to Level Up quickly and skipping all the hassle and mistakes beginner players make, we recommend checking out our Max Efficiency: Progression Guide. This is our super advance guide that walk you through the whole game step-by-step so that you can gain all the best rewards and build a really strong account. Thank you for reading this, and good luck Summoner!


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