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Wind Lightning Emperor


Wind Lightning Emperor.png
Odin SW.png



HOW TO GET: Mystical Scroll, Temple of Wishes, Wind Scroll, Legendary Scroll

GOOD FOR: PvP in general

ODIN Wind Lightning Emperor.jpg

MAX STATS (6* & Awakened)

HP: 10215 ATK: 747 DEF: 714 SPD: 102


Increases Resistance by 25%


high wind essence.png

20 High    10 Mid     15 High     5 Mid 





Skillups Needed: 11 (Use Devilmons)

Lightning Strike: Attacks the enemy and steals one beneficial effect with a 50% chance.

  • Lv.2 Damage +5%

  • Lv.3 Damage +5%

  • Lv.4 Harmful Effect Rate +10%

  • Lv.5 Harmful Effect Rate +10%

  • Lv.6 Damage +10%

  • Lv.7 Damage +10%

  • Lv.8 Harmful Effect Rate +15%

  • Lv.9 Harmful Effect Rate +15%

Multiplier : 370% of ATK stat before reduction


Gain Knowledge (Passive): Gains Knowledge by the number of granted beneficial effects when you're granted with a beneficial effect. In addition, gains 1 Knowledge when you have 2 or less Knowledge at the start of your turn, and gains 3 Knowledge when an enemy or an ally gets defeated. You can have up to 5 Knowledge. [Automatic Effect]

Multiplier : none


Legacy of Knowledge (Passive): Attacks the enemy while ignoring the enemy's Defense by 15% for every Knowledge you have whenever you attack. If you have 5 Knowledge, uses all of your Knowledge to attack while ignoring the enemy's Defense and having attribute advantage. In addition, if you get defeated while having Knowledge, you will use all of your Knowledge to be revived with 20% HP per Knowledge used. [Automatic Effect] (Reusable in 11 turns).

  • Lv.2 Cooltime Turn -1

  • Lv.3 Cooltime Turn -1

  • Lv.4 Cooltime Turn -1

Multiplier : 400% x3 of ATK stat before reduction

Leader Skill: Increase the Critical Rate of ally monsters in Guild Content by 33%

Feel stuck? Want to make 10X Progress?


Early-Mid Game

Focus on Atk, Cr, Cd, Acc

2 - Sets | Shield

4 - Set | Fatal, Rage

End Game 

Focus on Spd, Atk, Cr, Cd, Hp, Acc,

2 - Sets | Will​​

4 - Set | Violent




CD% / CR%

Only use CR on slot 4 if you can't get enough CR substats. Keep in mind these are just general recommendations, you will need to alter your rune and stat builds based on what content you want to use this monster for and what team you are using him with. 


Learn About Runes, Drop Locations, and More!



•Odin in Summoners War is huge single target damage dealer. 

•He ignores damage which is great for cleave teams.

•His passive allows him to revive if you have any knowledge. 

•His 1st skill has a 100% accuracy with strip once it's skilled up.

•His leader skill is helpful for early players who have a hard time getting enough CR on their monsters.



•He has limited uses outside of PvP.

•He requires a lot of set up to get maximum damage output. 




GB12 (5/10): Odin can be used for his strip and damage, however, the enemies don't buff themselves that much making his damage output not that great in Giants B12.

DB12 (2/10): He has a strip but there are better monsters for the job in Dragons B12.


NB12 (0/10): He doesn't have any multi hits to break through the Necro B12 Shield.

ToA (0/10): He doesn't have enough CC to be useful here. 

Rift of Worlds (0/10): He isn't recommended here.

Labyrinth (0/10): He isn't recommended here.

Dimensional Hole (1/10): He isn't useful here.

Arena (10/10): He is an excellent cleave team monster here. He's great on Defense and pairs really well with Amelia or any monster that can keep giving him buffs. 

Guild Wars (10/10): He is such a strong nuker. Pair him with Galleon to do maximum damage. He can also be put in defense since he can revive, steal buffs, and do big damage.  

RTA (9/10): Odin is a great damage dealer with good sustain. Buffs are common, and it really boosts Odin's abilities to constantly do big damage. 

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