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Water Sky Dancer


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HOW TO GET: Mystical Scroll, Temple of Wishes, Water Scroll, Legendary Scroll


MIHYANG Water Sky Dancer.jpg

MAX STATS (6* & Awakened)
HP: 11205 ATK: 670 DEF: 560 SPD: 101
Strengthen Skill: Blade Fan

12 High    15 Mid     10 High     15 Mid

high water essence.png


Feel stuck? Want to make 10X Progress?



Skillups Needed: 13 (Use Devilmons)

Graceful Touch: Attacks with a graceful touch and possesses the enemy with a 30% chance to increase the enemy's chances to land a Glancing Hit for 2 turns.

  • Lv.2 Damage +5%

  • Lv.3 Damage +5%

  • Lv.4 Harmful Effect Rate +10%

  • Lv.5 Damage +10%

  • Lv.6 Harmful Effect Rate +10%

Multiplier - 380% of ATK stat before reduction


Blade Fan: Throws a fan to attack the enemy 3 times that will always land with a critical hit, with each attack having a 50% chance to remove one of the enemy's beneficial effects. Increases the Attack Bar of all allies by 15% each per beneficial effect removed. The damage is proportionate to the attack speed. (Reusable in 4 turns).

  • Lv.2 Damage +5%

  • Lv.3 Damage +10%

  • Lv.4 Damage +10%

  • Lv.5 Cooltime Turn -1

Multiplier - {ATK}*({SPD} + 66)/99 x3


Dance of Mirage: Recovers the HP of all allies with a mysterious dance and extends the time of the beneficial effects and shortens the time of the harmful effects. The recovery amount is in proportion to the Attack Power. (Reusable in 4 turns).

  • Lv.2 Recovery +5%

  • Lv.3 Recovery +10%

  • Lv.4 Recovery +10%

  • Lv.5 Cooltime Turn -1

Multiplier - 400% of ATK stat before reduction

Leader Skill: The Attack Speed of ally Monsters is increased by 28% in Guild Content.



Support Build

Focus on Spd, Atk, Hp, Acc

2 - Sets | Will, Nemesis

4 - Set | Violent


Attack Build

Focus on Spd, Atk, CR, CD, Acc

2 - Sets | Blade​​

4 - Set | Fatal, Rage



HP% / ATK%

HP% / CD% / CR%

Only use CR on Slot 4 if you can't get enough CR substats. Keep in mind these are just general recommendations, you will need to alter your rune and stat builds based on what content you want to use this monster for and what team you are using him with. 


Support Build

In the early-mid game, she's more useful as a support monster for her heal, strip, and 3rd skill buff changes. 

You want to build her on Violent/Will for protection or Violent/Nemesis to boost her ATK bar when she takes damage. 

Attack Build 

Towards the end game she can be used as a damage dealer. 

This is useful since she heals off her ATK and can have multi purpose use. 

She is stat heavy here since she needs good speed, attack, crit rate, crit damage, along with accuracy for her strip. Violent is ideal to constantly increase your buffs and reduce your debuffs.  

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•Mihyang in Summoners War is versatile monster that can be built as a support or attacker depending on your needs.

•Her 3rd skill increases your buffs and decreases your debuffs with AoE healing. This is very useful in both offense and defensive situations. 

•His 2nd skill is a strip, ATK bar boost, and deals decent damage when built as a damage dealer. 



•Her 2nd and 3rd skill needs to be skilled up to be effective.

•She needs set up to be used effectively on offense.



GB12 (6/10): Mihyang can be used in Giants B12. She's good for her strip and sustain for safer runs. 

DB12 (9/10): She is an excellent monster for Dragon's B12. She has a lot of great uses here since she can strip the Dragon's immunity, extend buffs (Great with Fran), reduce DoTs if they land, and AoE heals to improve survival rates.

NB12 (1/10): She lacks enough multi hits to break through the Necro B12 shield. 

SF10 (1/10): She has elemental disadvantage and isn't recommended for Steel Fortress B10.

PC10 (4/10): She can be used here to protect your Dark tank so your other monsters can nuke down the boss. 

ToA (0/10): She lacks enough CC to be useful in ToA.

Rift of Worlds (6/10): She can be used in R5 however there are better cleansers and healers in the game. She would more be used on a second team if you are running low on strong units.

Labyrinth (4/10): She can be used to increase survival rates in the higher difficulty levels.

Dimensional Hole (6/10): She can be used as a sustain healer in the star limit and elemental restriction stages.


Arena (7/10): She can be used as a Lushen counter on Nemesis runes. As you climb the ranks she can be used in some combs against heavy CC units.


Guild Wars (9/10): Mihyang is very useful since she can be used as both a healer and damage dealer. Her overall skill kit is useful in many comps. Pair her with monsters like Chloe to gain an extra turn of invincibility. 


RTA (6/10): She is a useful here. Debuffs are very common so this helps to reduce those effects. Pair her with monsters like Fran for longer ATK buff and immunity turns. 



Give these monster combos a try to get the most out of Mihyang!

Mihyang + Chloe

Mihyang and Chloe make a great invincibility combo. Since Mihyang's 3rd skill extends beneficial effects, Chloe is great since she offers not only invincibility but also immunity. This provides a really strong team that is harder to kill. Another great monster to add to this comp is Mo Long. With invincibility, Mo Long won't take damage from his 3rd skill.

Mihyang + Fran

Mihyang and Fran act as a double healing combo. This combo is very similiar to Chloe combo but replaces the invincibility with more healing and ATK buff. This comp allows your damage dealer to deal significant amount while also healing it back up.

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