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Fire Asura

Varuna Fire Asura Summoners War Icon.png

HOW TO GET: Found in Mystical Scroll, Temple of Wishes, Fire Scroll, and Legendary Scroll
GOOD FOR: NB10, SB10, SF10, PC10, PvP in General

Varuna Fire Asura Summoners War.jpg

MAX STATS (6* & Awakened)
HP: 8895 ATK: 823 DEF: 560 SPD: 101
Increases CRI Rate by 15%

10 High     20 Mid     5 High     15 Mid

high fire essence.png


Save 100's of Hours and Make 10x Faster Progress!



Skillups Needed: 13 (Use Family Skillups)

Brutal Fists: Attacks the enemy 3 times and leaves a Branding effect with a 15% chance each. In addition, you attack the enemy one more time if your Attack Power is higher than the enemy target.

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +10%

  • Effect Rate +15%

Multiplier - 1.25*{ATK} x4

Stormfist: Attacks the enemy 3 times and increases your Attack Bar by 15% each if the attack lands as a Critical Hit. The number of attacks increases up to 6 times according to your Attack Power. (Reusable in 4 turns).

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +10%

  • Cooltime Turn -1

Multiplier - 0.7*{ATK} x3

Sura's Seal: Attacks the enemy 4 times to inflict damage that ignores all damage reduction effects, and increases their skill cooldown by 1 turn with a 30% chance each. The number of attacks increases up to 8 times according to the difference between the target and your Attack Power. (Reusable in 4 turns).

  • Damage +20%

  • Effect Rate +20%

  • Cooltime Turn -1

Multiplier - {ATK} x4 (up to x8)


Leader Skill: none

Learn About Runes, Drop Locations, and More!



Early-Mid Game

Focus on Atk, Cr, Cd, Acc

2 - Sets | Blade, Focus​​

4 - Set | Fatal, Rage

End Game

Focus on Spd, Atk, Cr, Cd, Hp, Def, Acc

2 - Sets | Will​​

4 - Set | Violent


Spd / ATK%


CD% / CR%

*Keep in mind these are just general recommendations, you will need to alter your rune and stat builds based on what content you want to use this monster for and what team you are using him with. 


•Varuna is a very strong multi hitter in Summoners War!
•He is an excellent Laika Counter. 

•He brands on his 1st skill.
•His 2nd skill increases his own ATK power and can hit up to 6 times.
•His 3rd skill ignores all damage reduction effects, increases skill cooldown, and can give him up to 8 hits!
•He gains 15% CR once Awakened.

•His 1st skill only has 30% when maxed skill so it's not very reliable. 



GB10 (1/10): He has elemental disadvantage and isn't recommended for Giants.

DB10 (4/10): He can be used in Dragons but not recommended.

NB10 (10/10): All of his skills are multi-hits which is helpful for breaking through the Necro shield.

SB10 (10/10): He is a great damage dealer in Spiritual Realm and is highly recommended.

SF10 (9/10): He serves the same role in Steel Fortress as he does in Spiritual Realm.

PC10 (8/10): He is a strong damage dealer to take down Punisher Crypt as fast as possible.

ToA (0/10): He doesn't have enough CC to be useful here.

Rift of Worlds (7/10): He is pretty good here as a damage dealer and his brand is always welcome in R5.

Labyrinth (1/10): He isn't recommended here.

Dimensional Hole (1/10): He is not recommended here.


Arena (5/10): You generally want AoE cleave teams to farm Arena. He is useful in niche situations as you progress up the ranks.

Guild Wars (8/10): He is excellent against Laika defenses. Overall, he's a strong damage dealer here.

RTA (8/10): His kit allows him to hit a lot and if the enemy can't respond quick enough it can get out of hand. 

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