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Fire Harg


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HOW TO GET: Unknown Scroll, Mystical Scroll, Fire Scroll

GOOD FOR: PvP in General

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MAX STATS (6* & Awakened)

HP: 8730 ATK: 516 DEF: 549 SPD: 104


Increases Resistance by 25%


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20 Mid    5 Low     15 Mid     5 Low 



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Skillups Needed: 8 (Use Family Skillups)

Breeze:  Attacks the target and increases the Attack Bar of the ally with the lowest Attack Bar by 15%.

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +5%

  • Damage +10%

  • Damage +10%

Multiplier - 350% of ATK stat before reduction

Rabbit's Agility: Fills up an ally's Attack Bar to the MAX and increases the target's Attack Speed for 2 turns. (Reusable in 5 turns).

  • Cooltime Turn -1

  • Cooltime Turn -1

Multiplier - none


Little Humming Bird (Passive): Removes up to 2 harmful effects of an ally with the lowest HP and heals 10% of the ally's HP in each turn. [Automatic Effect]

Multiplier - none

Leader Skill: none




HP% / DEF%

Keep in mind these are just general recommendations, you will need to alter your rune and stat builds based on what content you want to use this monster for and what team you are using him with. 


If you’re looking for detailed rune and stat builds you should take a look at SWMaster’s Rune Farming Guide – I have been a member of their site since I was new to Summoners War and would highly recommend it to all players.


End Game

Focus on Spd, Hp, Def, Acc, Res

2 - Sets | Will​​

4 - Set |Violent

Early-Mid Game

Focus on Spd, Hp

2 - Sets | Energy, Guard, Fight

4 - Set | Swift



Early Build

Your main goal is to get Racuni as fast as possible so that you can focus all your damage on your nuker. Other stats aren't that important as long as you can get 1st turn. 

Late to End Game Build

In the late game you want him on Violent and Will. Violent will allow for more cleanses and heals. You want Will runes incase you get outspeed. Make sure he's tanky enough to be able to take some hits.   


Learn About Runes, Drop Locations, and More!



•Racuni in Summoners War is an amazing 1st turn support monster.

•His second skill allows you to focus on pure, raw damage on your nuker without worrying about speed. 

•His passive cleanses and heals at the same time. 


•He has overall squishy base stats. 

•He needs a lot of Speed to insure 1st turn. 



GB12 (4/10): Racuni can be used in some early teams to cleanse and heal to increase survivability in Giants B12. 

DB12 (6/10): He serves the same role in Dragon's B12 as he does in GB12.

NB12 (0/10): He lacks multi hits to break through the Necro B12's shield.

SF10 (1/10): He isn't recommended in Steel Fortress B10.

PC10 (1/10): He doesn't have a lot of use in Punisher Crypt B10.

ToA (0/10): You mainly want AoE Crowd Control monsters to auto Tower of Ascension. 

Rift of Worlds (3/10): He is squishy but could be used as a cleanser here, however, there are better monsters.

Labyrinth (2/10): He can be used in some niche Lab stages. 

Dimensional Hole (5/10): He can be used in the element restriction stage and 4 star restriction stage.

Arena (8/10): He is used so that your nuker can get a turn to cleave. This is great for farming arena. 

Guild Wars (9/10): He is a staple team with many DEF breaking monsters or nukers such as Bulldozer, Copper, or even Lushen for 1st turn. 

RTA (7/10): His overall skillset makes him a great support monster. Alone he doesn't pose a threat, but he does make it very difficult to kill your threat monsters. 

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